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Southwest Airlines return to Belize in 2021

Return of Southwest Airlines

As COVID regulations calm down worldwide, many airlines are coming back to Belize! Southwest is coming back to Belize! The airline has confirmed that direct flights to Belize will resume starting November 7th, 2021. Visit Southwest website to book your flight. The time to travel to Belize is now!

History of Southwest Airlines in Belize

Southwest started flying to Belize back in 2017! Their inaugural flight was from Denver, Colorado. Then, they expanded to offer more flights up until 2020. At the onset of COVID-19, Southwest airlines ceased all flights to international airports on sunday March 22nd, 2020. Now, with the reemergence of flights will benefit travel to Belize since more flight options and airports can access the country.

Southwest flies direct to Belize from Houston and Denver. Other flights can easily be connected with one of these hubs for a two-leg trip to Belize.


Quick Facts about Southwest

But first…here are the quick facts for those who aren’t too familiar with Southwest – one of the largest carriers in the United States.

  • They are loved by customers and rank at or near the top of every airline customer service industry survey 
  • Southwest has been profitable in every year of their existence in a industry riddled with bankruptcies, losses and mergers – they know what they are doing
  • They are now investing in Belize – showing commitment to our country as a growing tourist destination
  • Tickets are ONLY available on their website
  • You can check two bags for free. TWO FREE BAGS!
  • There are no fees for changing your tickets (only the price differences).
  • Oh…and they have a sense of humor. Follow them on social media to see their ads.

Travel to Belize on Southwest

The Belize Tourism Board highlighted in a news release confirming the flight’s return that air connectivity is the lifeblood of Belize’s tourism economy. As a result, the BTB applauds the return of Southwest Airlines flights since it will make it simpler for visitors to enjoy Belize’s natural beauty, diverse attractions, and welcoming warmth.

If you’re considering visiting Belize, check prices on Southwest! They have excellent deals. If you are a Southwest member, you can get companion airfare and points so you can bring along your buddy or significant other for free!

Book your travel to Belize today!

Whether you choose to fly with Southwest Airlines or another airlines, there is never a better time to plan your next vacation. Book your flight and hotel and prepare yourself for the experience of a lifetime.

Safe travels.

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