About Us


Donna and Hailey’s First Visit To Belize.

From their first experience out on the Caribbean Reef, they felt at home in Belize.

About the owners of Drift Inn

From rural Oklahoma, Donna and Hailey grew up far from the Caribbean. But Donna, a serial entrepreneur, desired a place where she and her daughter could start a business in a safe and positive environment… she prayed on it, and she found it in San Pedro and on her first visit to the island. She invested in what was then, a diamond in the rough. With only a vision and a will to roll up her sleeves and create something from a place of passion, Drift Inn started to shine.

Her daughter Hailey, a Fulbright scholar with degrees in International Business and Global Affairs from the University of Oklahoma. She is a world traveler with a penchant for connecting with the local vibes in each place she ventures to.

Combine Donna’s fierce drive to see her vision to fruition, and Hailey’s innate understanding of what it takes for a business to thrive on a small Caribbean island, and the result is a comfortable, convenient, community-driven, boutique hotel.

What makes it special?

It’s Donna and Hailey’s attention to detail that sets their hotel apart from neighboring properties. Every little detail has been thought through so they can provide their guests with a unique travel experience. From visual aesthetic, to guest interaction and heartfelt culinary experiences, these women have figured it out. It’s through their personal island experiences that they have learned how to offer their guests a comfortable and memorable San Pedro adventure.

Ask Donna how she connects to the island. She’ll recite poetry about the calm, quiet inspiration found as the sun rises from behind the horizon. Hailey will pull you onto her boat and take you out where the reef meets the land and everything slows down.

What this mother/daughter duo has created is inspiring, to say the least. Drift Inn is a full service, eco-friendly travel accommodation. The hotels are as much of a reflection of the two women who alongside a small and dedicated staff, have built an island gem from a diamond in the rough, as it is a reflection of the beauty and humble energy of the culture that makes San Pedro a destination worth drifting into.

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