Leo’s 2 Month Insider Tips: What to Do in San Pedro

Tips on What to Do in San Pedro, Belize - Your Ultimate Adventure Awaits!

Visit this tropical paradise that offers an endless array of activities and things to do in San Pedro for visitors of all ages and interests. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or a little bit of both, this Caribbean island has something to offer everyone. From diving and snorkeling to exploring local culture and wildlife, the possibilities are endless. In this post, we’ll share some of the top things to do in San Pedro, Belize, based on the experiences of a long-term guest at our hotel.

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Experience during lock down

In San Pedro, from November 2020 to January 2021, we experienced different levels of lockdowns and curfews due to COVID-19. But that didn’t stop our guest from living life to the fullest! He indulged in delicious local ceviches, chatted with friendly locals, sampled the best restaurants on the island, and went diving in the crystal-clear waters. He dove into the Blue Hole Dive, explored the local dive spots, and visited multiple dive shops to find the best experiences. From Chuck & Robbies, to Amigos Del Mar, and Scuba Steve, and several others, he wanted to promote everyone on the island and give everyone some business. Not only that, but he also took the time to clean the beach and do his part for the local environment.

Explore the Best of San Pedro Belize

Some guests stay only a night, but others stay a week or more. For us, it’s a real treat when we get long-term guests, as they have a different perspective on the island than us who live here full-time. They Some guests stay only a night, but others stay a week or more. For us, it’s a real treat when we get long-term guests, as they have a different perspective on the island than us who live here full-time. They are able to dive deeper and fully immerse themselves in the unique culture and beauty of Ambergris Caye. They take the time to visit the mainland, explore ancient Maya ruins, go cave tubing or visit ATM caves, and experience the lush jungles and diverse wildlife of Belize. It warms our hearts to hear about the daily adventures of our guests and the unforgettable experiences they have in San Pedro.

Here’s his list of what you should do while in San Pedro:

Meet local celebrities in San Pedro

Get ready to meet some of the island’s most unique and entertaining personalities! From Coconut Leo, who will climb a tree, do acrobatics, and even cut up a coconut for you with a blindfold for just $10, to Coco Loco, a Jamaican singer who serenades visitors with Bob Marley covers near Blue Water Grill. These local celebrities will add an extra dose of excitement and fun to your trip.

Eat local cuisine in San Pedro, Belize

Try Local Cuisine

When considering what to do in San Pedro, consider tasting the local flavors of San Pedro by trying some of the local dishes, such as rice and beans, stewed chicken, and fry jacks. Don’t forget to try the famous Belizean ceviche, made with fresh fish and lime juice.

Wander Around in San Pedro Town

Take walks through the town, visit the local market, and see the colorful buildings and streets. Get a sense of the local culture and tradition. There’s several art galleries where you can meet the artists behind the art. Bars and restaurants you can meet expats and locals alike and hear about their life stories.

visit the Iguana Sanctuary in San Pedro, Belize

Visit the Iguana Eco Sanctuary

Located just a few blocks from the hotel on Back Street, the Iguana Eco Sanctuary is home to over 225 large tree iguanas. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with these magnificent creatures up close, feed them, and take pictures. Calvin, the sanctuary’s owner, is a chill Rasta dude and a friend of our guest Leo. Visiting the sanctuary is free but donations are always welcome to help keep the sanctuary running.

Things to do in San Pedro? Try out Kickboxing

Stay active and challenge yourself during your trip by trying kickboxing at Coach Martin’s MMA gym (+501 606-8469) near the airport. With cardio-based pad work, you’ll get a great workout and learn some new skills. Renting pads is also an option.

Play Volleyball in San Pedro

Gather your island friends and family and head to Gilly’s Pour House on Mondays and Wednesdays between 2-5 PM for a friendly game of volleyball. All skill levels are welcome. And if you’re feeling nervous, grab a drink from Will and you’ll be ready to play in no time.


Learn to Kitesurf

Take your adventure to new heights by learning to kitesurf with Luis. He’s a super chill and experienced instructor who will take you to a secluded sandbar on Secret Beach where you’ll train, ride, and eat. For $200USD per day, you’ll learn the basics and get to experience the thrill of gliding across the water with the power of the wind.

Explore Off-the-beaten-path Attractions in San Pedro

For those looking for something a little more unique and off the beaten path, San Pedro has plenty to offer. 

snorkel mexico rocks or dive in san pedro belize

Snorkel Mexico Rocks in San Pedro

Snorkel at Mexico Rocks, where you’ll see moray eels and other rare marine life, and maybe even a manatee sighting. The waters are less crowded than Hol-Chan and offer crystal-clear visibility (weather dependent).

Visit South Beach

Visit South Beach / Island Wonder, where you’ll find outdoor games, homemade fireball, swings, and more. It’s a bit off the beaten path but it’s worth visiting for the friendly bartender and clean beach area. As another great thing to do in San Pedro, this is definitely off-the-beaten-path and a GREAT location to spend a day.

Get out to Tranquility Bay

This is the furthest north you can reach on the beach. You can get to it on a cart, but it takes well over an hour to get there. This is where the reef begins to meet the shore. There are lots of barracuda swimming close to shore, good are to visit for fly fishing, spearfishing, and snorkeling. It is the most-off-the-path location, a secluded beach that’s perfect for swimming and snorkeling. With fewer crowds than other beaches on the island, it’s the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the Caribbean Sea.

Final words

In conclusion, San Pedro, Belize is a true tropical paradise that offers endless opportunities for adventure and relaxation. From diving and snorkeling to exploring local culture and wildlife, there’s something for everyone on this Caribbean Island. So pack your bags, and don’t think twice. It was a true honor to spend time getting to know the island, its residents, and experience life in San Pedro. You won’t regret a visit.

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