These blog posts concern different tips and travel ideas for exploring Mainland Belize. Let me tell you about the waterfalls, the Maya Ruins, nature and wildlife.

10 Days in Belize Itinerary with San Pedro and Cayo District on Mainland

10 Day Belize Itinerary: Complete Adventure from San Pedro to Mainland

Headed to Belize for 10 Days? Savor this 10 Day Belize Itinerary! Embarking on a 10-day Belize adventure with this Belize itinerary which offers the perfect blend of beachfront bliss and thrilling mainland exploration. Spend four nights in the vibrant island town of San Pedro, followed by four nights at the enchanting Drift Inn Cayo …

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Transportation in Belize: How To Get Around

So, you’re planning to travel around Belize? Well, you are in for a treat! Enjoy the winding hills when driving south, the warm breeze with the windows down on the bus, or the gorgeous views from the puddle jumper flights. The following article goes over the different options for transportation in Belize. From ways to enter the country, travel around Belize, to how to get to Ambergris Caye. The article goes over prices, time, and convenience.

Drift Inn top 10 Mayan sites in BElize

Top 10 Mayan Sites in Belize

What are the top 10 Mayan sites in Belize? Well – two million Mayans once called Belize home. You see sites and mounds all over the country. Ancient Maya flourishe in this specific area and created sprawling cities. Their era of greatness came to an end, but they left behind some magnificent remnants of their great …

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