Drift inn Hotel Entrance

Hotel Renovation: See What Our Staff Worked On During COVID-19

construction project

The dream from Drift Inn or any amazing hotel on the island is to offer and grow. The best so every day we think of amazing ideas for the hotel. Five months ago our lives changed in a blink of an eye in the hit of the pandemic. Covid-19, which occasioned many downs to the tourism industry and also caused many deaths around the world. These was the perfect time for construct project at the hotel 

Add an a extra piece to our hotel

This unique hotel and hostel are always trying the best to accommodate our guests, so they could have free space and have that paradise atmosphere. Hailey Powell’s owner of Drift Inn is a person which is always on top of things. She has been thinking for a while on adding that construct project at the hotel. Which will make it so much better and of course this was gonna be a perfect time. As the hotel closed down because the island was in a full lockdown to build a new veranda. It will be something even better that will be waiting for us. Because with every ending, something new comes along. And with every great ending, come an even greater beginning

The building of the new Veranda

After some days on lockdown Hailey, (owner), design the new veranda so they could start on the construct project at the hotel . This building will be super great because due to the pandemic they are new norms and rules you could read more in this article about it. One of the main guests is to stay in the hotel for their safety, so this veranda will be great for guests to walk on, relax and enjoy. On the island, there are many contractors that will be great to build your hotel. As tourism is Down you have to find the best deals for the hotel. All that money that is invested here on the island no matter the price is always worth it because San Pedro is paradise.

Helping Lay-off Staff

Eldon has been Drift inn Maintenance guy from the past 3 years and also a contractor for many extra pieces the hotel has been adding for the past years. Eldon is a great contractor for the hotel during this time because the hotel was close and staff members were all lay-off. This amazing contract was given to him. It was a construction of four weeks, and the new wood veranda was up on the second floor. It was something that took awhile but it was so much worth it .These construct project offer job to 5 more males whcih a big help for them. Drift Inn is ready to re-opened doors for every and is so anxious having you back.


Are you ready to come to Belize and stay with us and enjoy our new veranda with family and friends.