Secret Beach

Ambergris Caye’s Famous Secret Beach: Where and How to Get There

Secret beach

Drift Inn The Famous Secret Beach

The famous secret beach AKA not-so-secret is located northwest of San Pedro town. This piece of beach has many great adventures you could do during the day as the fun spot. This beach is really touristy , hundreds of tourists and locals visit this beach every year. On weekends is the best time to go as most of the people take break and enjoy some here. So let me give you a little guide when you visit the not-so secret beach.

The Best way to get there

way to secret beach

The famous Secret Beach is located approximately 7.5 miles from Drift Inn. The best way to get there from San Pedro is via golf cart. The little journey there is very pleasant and scenic with the Belize wilderness of mangrove swamps along the road. Along the path there, you will see many visitors in their golf carts as they too made their way to the secluded destination. Staying with  Drift inn we could help you book a golf cart for the hours you want

Great spots to relax and enjoy nice cold drink

This hidden piece of beach is not only surrounded by a beach but also has many bars and restaurants with amazing food and drinks. If you are planning on taking a ride to secret beach here are some of the best bars you will like to visit.

Blue Bayou

Blue Bayou- San Pedro Belize

Is a min ride from the center of the famous secret beach is a good place to enjoy some good music and hove some cold drinks.Our Drift inn guest get 5% discount on all drinks as just showing your drift inn bracelet.Blue bayou is most filled with locals but a little of tourist and there prices on food and drink are super affordable to everybody

Pirates Not-So-Secret Beach Bar and Grill

Pirates secret beach bar

This place get the most attention because is the first bar you see as you enter secret beach. Most people will start hopping bars from right here. They have tubes and tables right on the water. They also have front deck with spa you could book a massage or have private lunch with a companion. So if your looking for some good drinks and massage this is place for you. 

Secret beach paradise bar

Secret beach Paradise bar

This Bar & Restaurant is mostly the one packed with tourists and local every weekend. Their beach area has one of the most clear and clean waters. They have water sports like volleyball here you could rent kayaks, paddle boarding and many other water activities. Food is delicious plus there prices are pretty affordable for  anyone totally recommend you getting chicken nachos for two.

What to do

Drift Inn Guests-Secret Beach

Try finding the best spot that you will be able to accommodate yourself. We recommend getting a ceviche as it goes with the vibez plus all the restaurants over there have great ceviche. thereafter you could go for small swim or rent kayak or paddle boarding. The beach is full tourist so try going to the bar and make new friends. Might find somebody front the same place as yours  or just enjoy  the shores of the Secret Beach or get nice tan. Secret beach mostly places close by 6:00pm so try to go before it gets dark. You could visit the beach several times and for sure you won’t get bored. It has many things to do read this another article of other great spots to explore.