Instagrammable Spots In San Pedro To Make Your Followers Jealous

Instagrammable Spots in San Pedro

If you don’t post it on Instagram – did it even happen? 

While you are planning your trip to San Pedro or if you’re already on Ambergris Caye – you need to know where to get the best photos. Have an #unbelizeable vacation by using these tips on where to take Instagram photos in San Pedro, Belize.

Ambergris Caye is a fabulous destination for beach, relaxation, and underwater adventures. San Pedro is one of the fabulous destinations in Belize with just a 15-minute boat ride of the incredible barrier reef with amazing white sandy beaches and turquoise water. So, soak in the sun and take an adventure around Ambergris Caye hitting up these different places to take pictures in San Pedro.

With so much beauty on the island, we picked out the best instagrammable spots in San Pedro for you to get you hundreds of likes in one shot.

Secret Beach Photo for Instagram

San Pedro Sign / Secret Beach Sign

Whether you’re arriving to the island by the Belize water taxi or cruising out to Secret Beach, you’ll be able to find cool location signs to pose next to! Let your followers know where you’re at. To learn more about Secret Beach click here!

Instagrammable Spot: Mural Fence

If you are that person who curates your feed with care, locate these murals near Marbucks (across the bridge). The fence screams for you to take a photo for your Instagram feed or story. 

Infinite pool @ Rojo (North of San Pedro)

On vacation we all have that picture by the pool bragging about the luxury of what you are up to while traveling. At Rojo Lounge bar the infinite pool is a great shot for your Instagram. It has an incredible view of the sea as well. You can take pictures in San Pedro at beautiful resort pools as well, just order a drink where you go! Try places like Ramon’s, Pur, Toast, Las Terrazas, will let you swim and take photos if you are eating and drinking!


Jellyfish or Jaguar mural @ Drift Inn

As you enter Drift Inn hotel the first thing you notice is all the artwork around the building. It is just beautiful. Our fav spot is the jellyfish mural on the cistern water reservoir. Many of our murals are done by [Mpulse Studio]. This mural is the perfect shot for your Instagram, sitting on our comfortable seats with purple cushions to accent the art piece. The Jaguar is located on the second floor veranda. If you post a picture, don’t forget to tag us @driftinnbelize. Interested in making a reservation? Click here to check availability at Drift Inn.

Coca-Cola Wall on Front Street

All over Belize locals are easy to recognize a grocery store by that icon of the Coca-Cola sign most of the time right in their front door. This little sign is so worth a shot it gives you that village, traveling vibe.

Fruit Stands on Back Street

One of the easiest ways to pose with fruits is, obviously, in front of a fruit stand. With vibrant colors in the background, you’ll be sure to score a lot of likes. You can show off that you’re engaging in a healthy life while traveling in Belize.


Pose With a Coconut

Coconuts are a tropical vacation icon. You can’t leave Ambergris Caye without having your picture taken sipping on a coconut. Find a recently fallen one or ask a local to climb for one. If you haven’t heard of coconut Leo – you need to. He is famous on the island.

Shark Ray Alley @ Hol-Chan Marine Reserve

Take a trip to Hol-Chan and Shark Ray Alley if you want to wow your Instagram followers. You will snorkel with nurse sharks and manta rays up close. So make sure to bring your go pro or underwater camera. This is one of the most sought after Instagrammable spots in San Pedro. 

I Love Belize sign @ Blue Water Grill

If you want to enjoy delicious fish, clean salads, and great cocktails – visit Blue Water Grill. Grab a picture with their “I LOVE BELIZE” sign for your Instagram while you’re waiting on your meal! Find out more about great restaurant options here.

Best Hashtags for your Belizean Instagram Post

Now that you know where to go, let your photos be seen! When you post your San Pedro travel Instagram photos use the top hashtags in Belize, like #unbelizeable #sanpedrobelize #belizevacation #belizeitornot and if you stay at or take a photo at Drift Inn use #driftinnbelize!

We genuinely hope you enjoy all Ambergris Caye and Belize have to offer and let us know other great places for photos.

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