Eat at Top Restaurants When you Visit San Pedro Belize

Best Restaurants In San Pedro

Planning your trip takes time. Deciding where to stay, what to do, and most importantly where to eat is sometimes hard. Whose opinion matters? Are you listening to locals or tourists when you read up online? Here we are to tell you about restaurants in San Pedro where our guests have raved about countless times and where we as locals frequent as well.

Food is such an important part of travel to understanding the culture of your location. Don’t miss out or waste time on a bad meal – let us give you our local insight. The following are great sit-down restaurants in San Pedro to hit up during your vacation.


Sandbar Beachfront Restaurant and Bar

If you stay with us, you’ll definitely enjoy a meal at Sandbar. Sandbar is our on-site restaurant. Their cuisine is typical American bar foods, pizza, with some Tex-Mex flare. Sandbar undoubtedly has the best pizza on the island – with locals, expats, and tourists flocking to order take-out and delivery as well as eating in person at the restaurant. You could order via phone or also online.

Estel's Dine by the sea

Be sure to take a breakfast at Estel’s during your trip. Many eat lobster for breakfast when they visit, along with a morning bloody mary or mimosa. There’s live music playing on Sunday mornings. If you want to enjoy an early morning view of the sea, their place is aesthetically old fisher vibe which makes it unique. The restaurant floor is sand so you are having breakfast on the beach. With options like their excellent breakfast burritos and traditional Mayan breakfast, you cannot go wrong.

Blue Water Grill

If you want to dress up, Blue Water Grill is a good option. BWG is a beachfront restaurant, with huge open-air seating. To get a glimpse of the view, check out their YouTube livecam. Few are disappointed. The menu is wide-ranging and includes some safe options, such as pizza and pasta. For a group dinner – we suggest making a reservation. The Diablo Pasta is a favorite – but anything with seafood is a great option.

El Fogon

This restaurant is located in the backstreet of San Pedro, right by the airport. The restaurant is located on a side street, but the food is superb. Their specialty is Belizean food and seafood cooked by fire hearth, with decades of experience. You’ll enjoy a creole or curry dish.  We recommend visiting for a lunch, where local favorites are their cheaper lunch specials. Amazing soups are offered almost daily.

Caliente Restaurant

A beachfront restaurant rated by tourists as having the best margaritas in town. Incredible Customer Service, Having a more Mexican menu but for sure will find a Belizean food in there. Calientes serve fresh chips and salsa while your order is getting ready but also they are pretty fast cookers so promise you won’t be waiting a long time, they might be a little slow if the restaurant is full. This Restaurant seems to have most of everything which is also their bar Area.


Crocs Sunset Sports Bar

This sports bar is perched over the lagoon, offering a stunning view of the sunset. It has 10 flat-screen televisions playing all sorts of sports. This place is good for chilling because if they are not playing music on the speakers they have live music by local bands, nice bar games, and sports on. Going to Crocs you might want to rent a cart or hitch a ride to get across the bridge. Evenings around 4-6pm is the best time to be at the restaurant to view that amazing sunset. They have great sharable foods like nachos, ceviche, and loaded fries. BUT – their catch of the day dinner specials and dinner menu offer gourmet dishes.


If you’re craving some Japanese cuisine and fresh fish – make a trek down south on the island to Mahogany Bay. Jyoto is a sushi restaurant owned by a Japanese gentleman, Toshiya. He has blended the cultures and flavors of traditional Japanese food with Belizean flavors and options native to Belize. Their ramen, gyoza, and sushi are all delicious. It is perfect for a dress-up, fancy dinner with your significant other.

If your favorite isn’t on the list – be sure to reach out and let us know what we missed.

San Pedro Restaurants

There are countless good restaurants in San Pedro. This list is inclusive to the restaurants our guests rave about and we ourselves frequent. The list also only included sit-down restaurants. If you are wanting cheaper options, check out this list.

If you have visited Belize and have another restaurant which should be added to the list – let us know in the comments.

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