Drift Inn Belize-Fly over the Blue Hole

Activities Out of the Water in San Pedro Belize

Not interested in diving or snorkeling?

Although San Pedro has world-renowned diving and snorkeling, and thousands of people travel to Belize for our Barrier Reef, there are other activities to partake in. In this article I will guide you through what else you can do!


Drive Around

You’ll be excited to see how we get around in our golf carts. Contact us to rent one for yourself and spend an hour or two exploring the front, middle, and back street of town. Once you’ve seen town, you can take a drive all the way south or even almost up to the Mexican border heading north! You can park almost anywhere and stop into small shops in town. If you’re on a budget – perhaps rent a bike instead. You’ll get the same experience, plus a workout! 

Drift Inn to Belize and visit San Pedro Town Artisans Market

Head to Secret Beach

This beach is located 6 miles up north from Drift Inn. Secret beach, although is no longer a secret, is still a beach that is a must-do on your trip to San Pedro. Here you will be able to escape from the crowded town and enjoy a more laid-back beach day. To get to this beach you will need to rent a golf cart. Taxis and biking to Secret Beach are not optimal. If you can take a chill boat trip over – that is the best way! The secret beach has great bars with beautiful clear blue waters. You can enjoy great customer service with in-the-water table service provided so you never need to leave the water to get your food and drinks.


Drift Inn Belize-Fly over the Blue Hole

Fly over the Blue Hole

This is a little on the expensive side – but if you’re up for it – contact local airlines to schedule it from San Pedro. The Great Blue Hole is a giant marine sinkhole off the coast of Belize. It lies near the center of Lighthouse Reef, a small atoll 70 km from the mainland and Belize City. The hole is circular, 318 m across, and 124 m deep. Take the opportunity to see various shipwrecks, the Booby Bird Sanctuary, Glovers Reef, and the Turneffe Atoll, as well as the Blue Hole from above. 



Go on a Food Tour

Sample the delicious local cuisine and experience firsthand the melting pot of Caribbean, Latin American, and foreign influence. There are a few listed in Tripadvisor and Airbnb we have seen but not tried ourselves!

If you do not want to pay for a food tour, we do know a cheap way to sample several dishes! Go with a handful of people to Briana’s for dinner (ask Drift Inn staff and other guests to join you if you’re traveling solo). You can order down the menu and get garnaches, salbutes, empanadas, and more for insanely low prices. After having one of each of everything – you’ll be stuffed! See a list of our local favorite cheap eats here.

Interested in animals

You can visit the local iguana sanctuary, just blocks from the hotel on back street. Check out this video of a past guest. If you’re interested in walking dogs or hanging out with cats at a shelter there is SAGA animal shelter a 20-minute walk from Drift Inn. Contact them at | SAGA (sagahumanesociety.org)


Walk the Beach

Take a stroll north of Drift Inn to walk Boca Del Rio or south to check out the resorts, collect shells, and gaze out at the reef. If you find yourself a coconut, bust it open yourself or ask a local to help you ou

Coconut Trio playing live music in San Pedro Belize

Find Live Music

You’ll find several restaurants host live music around the island. Ask around and find out who is playing where during your stay. Check out Coconut Trio.


Visit the Artisanal Handicrafts Market

On backstreet you’ll find our artisanal market. Look at regional handicrafts. Let a hammock or a blanket catch your eye. Check out the wooden carvings, the conch bowls and utensils, and find something to take home with you! When you’re done check out a local favorite for ceviche on the island – Juvinies.

Take a Drink

Not too creative – but one of our favorite pastimes on the island is to hang out somewhere on the beach and throw back some cold ones. Be it Coca-cola or a Belikin. If you drink, some local faves are the Pantyrippa or Rum Punch.  You want a frozen drink, ask your bartender for a Purple Pelican. If you’re not into sweet drinks, test out the domestic beers. Curious about our local beers? Click here.


There’s plenty of things to enjoy on the island outside of diving. We hope this list helps you plan out your trip and enjoy San Pedro to the fullest!