WFH in San Pedro Belize

Eight Reasons To Work Remote From Belize

Why Work from Belize?

Offices around the world are shut down and letting their staff work from home. With the pandemic, you’ve probably settled into your routine of #WFH. You wake up, make a cup of coffee, and get into the grind in your PJs. You don’t spend time commuting, you’re not getting dressed up every day, and you’re likely not as motivated to do your job due to burnout and fatigue. Dealing with this pandemic has been hard and I’m sure, like me, you can use a breath of fresh air. By changing locations, getting a new perspective, and some fresh coastal air like working from Belize – you can recharge and find new inspiration for your work.


Many hotels, including Drift Inn, have realized we need to cater more to remote workers. We are set up with improved, faster Wi-Fi and better long term rates to suit guests who want to stay in one location longer and slowly experience the grand experiences into Belize.

Drift Inn Belize rooms

Stay Organized

Hotels help keep your space clean, from the room to communal areas. You can focus more of your time on having fun while letting hotel staff do housekeeping. Drift Inn provides housekeeping every three days. Our communal areas are cleaned at least twice daily, with high touch areas being sanitized every 90 minutes. We offer laundry service so you do not have to wash, dry, or fold your clothes.

Free Coffee

From our reception complimentary coffee to the coffee maker provided in your room, you’ll never have withdrawals. Our staff typically has reception coffee ready by 8 am for ourselves and guests. We have milk, sugar, cocoa powder, and such for your delight! We can also suggest several cute cafes and coffee shops on the island if you want a cappuccino or iced latte. 

Fast Wifi

We pride ourselves on having good Wi-Fi (especially to Belize standards). Without good Wi-Fi your workation could become a lot more stressful than it needs to be. We have taken additional steps to ensure high-speeds and property-wide access around Drift Inn. You can work remotely and take your laptop from your room, to the courtyard, poolside, out on the balcony, or to the restaurant.

drift inn guest sitting with coffee

Vacation Wear

Wanna trade in your sweatpants for a bikini and shorts, anyone? Escape colder temperatures and let yourself get out of the house more often. Your workcation will have you dressing for the beach, the water, and work all in one. Wear a nice, tropical outfit to eat freshly caught lobster and fish at one of many beachfront open-air restaurants on the island. 

Drift Inn Pool
Sandbar Pool

Pool Access

Imagine answering emails poolside during your WFH or working on your tan during your lunch break. We have our lounge pool in the courtyard and Sandbar’s beachfront pool for your leisure. There’s also an over-the-water deck with loungers and Wi-Fi. It’s never a bad time for a dip in the pool or the sea.

On-site/Nearby Restaurants

Don’t want to cook for yourself or clean a kitchen? No problem. Enjoy affordable food all over Belize. Beachfront burgers are only $10USD. Takeaway rice and beans with a protein is about $5USD.

Drift Inn Yoga on Dock

Beach Runs or Swims

Let the Caribbean be your playground. Instead of hitting an indoor gym, you can run along the beach or swim laps in the Caribbean Sea. Do yoga on the dock. Find gym equipment outside on the beach. Get your workout in island style. 

Drift Inn boat trip

Weekend Activities

Spend your off-time indulging in the best the world has to offer. Spend your days off snorkeling or diving the Belize Barrier Reef. Hang out with Iguanas at the local sanctuary. Get an open-air massage to the sound of gently waves colliding with the dock. Here you will not only be working from Belize but having fun in Belize 

San Pedro Belize Sunset


If I were guessing, you haven’t worked poolside or been in the ocean in a minute. Allow yourself to see and experience new things while still getting your work done. You can recharge and replug in to work through taking a workcation. so working from Belize is a must for you.


Don’t just dream of relocating your office to the Caribbean. Use code MONTHSTAY to book your month-long workation in Belize with Drift Inn.

Contact us at +501-614-0088 on Whatsapp or through email at to book or ask any questions you may have!