Is there good Wifi in Belize?

WIFI in Belize

When you travel, one of the most important things to consider is the availability of wifi. You may need to communicate with loved ones or work back home. In Belize, the internet speed has improved in recent years, but it still has some catching up to do compared to other Caribbean countries. In this article, we will discuss the high-speed internet in Belize and where you can find the best wifi in Belize.

Updated Jan 2023.

WIFI Speed in Belize

In the past decade, the speed of internet service providers in Belize has improved drastically. Companies like BTL and Smart are always in competition to improve Belize’s quality of service. Most restaurants and bars will have 5-15 MBPS, but hotels and businesses would expect to have 30 or more. According Speedtest.net, Belize’s internet speed rank for December 2022 is as follows.


Where to Find the Best WIFI in Belize

Most of Belize has good wifi and 3G/4G signal. But, some places have even better wifi. Places like Ambergris Caye, Placencia, and Caye Caulker have the best wifi. These places have gotten better because more people have moved there and need better wifi. Ambergris Caye and other places have fiber optics for even faster wifi. But, in small towns and far away places, wifi might not be as good. Some places don’t have wifi you can pay for and you can only use your phone’s data.

Is WIFI expensive in Belize?

Get WIFI or High-Speed Internet

SMART and BTL DIGI are the two biggest companies that have wifi in Belize. Their wifi is very good and it costs less than $100 BZD a month for a DSL line of high-speed internet.

Community Access to WIFI

If you are looking for free or for-charge internet, many hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes have internet access. Internet cafes can be found in cities and larger towns for those without computers or smartphones. Many central parks around the country provide free internet; however, it might not be fast enough to send or receive anything.

Do you need a VPN in Belize?

A VPN, or virtual private network, is a service that allows users to securely access the internet by encrypting their connection. There are several reasons why someone might want to use a VPN.

A VPN is a service that makes your internet connection more secure. It can help protect your privacy and personal information while you’re online. A VPN can also help you access websites that are blocked and watch videos or shows that are not available in your country. A VPN is a good idea for people who want to be safe and secure while they’re online. Check out which VPN we recommend here.

Drift Inn WIFI Access

Drift Inn boasts a strong mesh WIFI system utilizing Unifi access points to make WIFI accessible around the property. In the rooms and around the grounds, the average WIFI speed is 30 MBPS. Stay connected. Use your cell phone, laptop, or tablet seamlessly around the property from several relaxing areas like our pool, tables on the veranda, or courtyard lounge areas.

High-Speed Internet in Belize

Overall, wifi speed in Belize has improved in recent years, but there are still some areas with less consistent internet connection. The best wifi can be found in places like Ambergris Caye, Placencia, and Caye Caulker. The cost of wifi is relatively affordable through companies like SMART and BTL DIGI. If you’re looking for free wifi, many hotels, restaurants, bars, and cafes have internet access. If you’re concerned about internet security, a VPN may be a valuable tool. With the right planning, you can stay connected in Belize and enjoy your trip.

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