Work from Ambergris Caye-Drift Inn Belize

Why not #WFH in the Caribbean?

Consider Traveling during your #WFH

Belize is a great destination for you to travel during your “work from home”. The country is English-speaking, so you won’t be concerned with language barriers during your stay. The currency is 2-to-1 with USD, so another headache avoided. Belize is located in -6 Central time-zone, so you can work your home time-zone hours. And, our laid-back, warm, open-air environment makes it a great place to escape the stay home orders and the lackluster vibes of your living room. 


Belize Regulations

The regulations for COVID include: mandatory mask ordinances, limited group gatherings, spaced out seating, hand washing stations and enhanced cleaning procedures outside storefronts and businesses. The government has acted quick and responds to the exposure and numbers.

Our population is dispersed and spread out. The national population is only around 300,000 people and the island only has about 15,000 residents. There is room to spread out, get a tan, go boating, and get your work done.


Pros to Travel for WFH

Change of

Allow the go-with-the-flow Belizean mentality and warm atmosphere to take hold.

Better air and food quality.

Have the fresh sea breeze rolling in from the Caribbean, while eating freshly prepared foods.

Leave crowded, urban areas behind.

Walk one of three main roads or to get around in San Pedro. Or take the beach.

Cheaper living expenses.

Enjoy luxuries like eating freshly-caught lobster and sipping coconut water out of a coconut.

Drift Inn Belize guest at airport transporation in Belize

Traveling to and from Belize

Entering Belize, there are a few things you must do first:

  • Belize requires you to have a negative PCR test within 3 days of arrival or at the airport. If you can get it done beforehand, you will save time in the airport.
  • There’s a Belize Health app you must download to your phone for entry as well. 
  • And you must stay at a Gold Standard certified hotel. This new certification was to ensure businesses are adapting to more stringent cleaning policies. 
  • Check out this list for requirements.
WFH in San Pedro Belize

Work from Ambergris Caye

 Just imagine grabbing your laptop and a coffee, and starting your day with a great view of the Caribbean Sea.  Listen to the waves and feel the warmth of the Tropics while you check your e-mail.


Drift Inn boat trip
Drift Inn Guest Snorkeling

Maximize Your Free-time

When you’re not working, you can play! San Pedro is great for diving, snorkeling, fishing, and boating. You can grab a canoe, take a drive around in a golf cart, take day or weekend trips to the mainland, go on a food tour, or just sit in a beach front bar all day! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Drift Inn

Our hotel has a quaint, vibrant atmosphere with comfortable rooms and nooks all over the property. Our courtyard features a full kitchen with full-sized fridge, stove, oven, grill, and appliances like our blender and toaster, as well as cookware, flatware, and utensils. You’ll also find a small lounge pool, seating areas, and dining tables. Walk through the courtyard, you will find yourself at Sandbar restaurant and then to the beach front in less than 1 minute.

Upstairs, you can sit on the balcony and enjoy the sea breeze from a hammock. Enjoy time in your room with the A/C on.


Double Room

Drift Inn has a special deal going on for #WFH and remote workers for monthly rentals! Begin your stay either the 1st or the 15th of the month for $700USD. Electric and water included. This monthly rate deal is on our private rooms are on the ground floor with private bathrooms. The rooms feature a double bed, kitchenette with mini frig and coffee maker, table with chairs, and a wardrobe. All rooms have A/C and WI-FI access.

Although Belize is not known for its great WIFI, Drift Inn has an enterprise standard WI-FI system installed with multiple access points. You will have our access from inside the rooms to the courtyard. From Sandbar restaurant to the dock over the water, you can connect to their routers.

Ideally, I’ll just assume you have an unlocked phone. A local sim will be a lot less expensive than paying for roaming every day while you’re outside of your home country. A Belizean BTL sim card will run about $20 USD for a month that comes with 5gb data and some minutes and talk time.

If you do not have an unlocked phone, I suggest purchasing an unlocked phone. International roaming is typically $10 USD/day (AT&T).


Drift Inn is located in the heart of San Pedro. You will be within 15 minutes walking distance to anything in town. On our block you can find grocery stores, vegetable stands, restaurants, and dive shops.

Golf Carts

You can rent a golf cart for as little as a few hours or as long as a monthly rental. 

Based on several Facebook groups I follow, people typically say $1000-2000USD per month. However, you know your spending habits better than I do.

For days out on the boat, going out to Secret Beach, going on tours and adventures budget for $100USD per day.
For meals and drinks, I personally budget for $150USD per week. If you eat out beach front every meal – it can run you about $50USD per day. Alcohol is often a separate budget line, and bottle of rum at the store is $15USD and a rum drink is $3USD.

A 24-hour Golf Cart rental is about $50 USD.

Belize allowed visitors to visit the country for 30 days without a visa. You would need to leave on the 30th day though, counting your entry and exit days.

For a longer stay, there is an immigration office in San Pedro. It takes 20 minutes (if there is no wait) and $100USD (for US citizens). Check here for more information.

Email us with any questions or concerns at

*Disclaimer: If you are at-risk or have health issues, you should probably not travel to Belize.