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Taste the Best Beers in Belize

Best Beers in Belize to drink

On a hot summer’s day, there’s nothing more refreshing than a chilled beer on the Caribbean. And while we love Belkin, there’s a whole bevy of beers that are just as refreshing. Pass the lime wedges, please! These are the Best Beers to drink in Belize.

We, at Drift Inn, suggest you sample all the beers during your vacation. Find your favorite. Go down this list and see what you think.

When you get your first beer in Belize, sitting at a beachfront bar staring out into the Caribbean sea, you’ll notice that they serve your beer with a napkin on the top. For the first several months I did not understand why, and had to ask. All local beers are recycled and rebottled. You’ll find that the top can have some rust given the humidity in Belize. So wipe it down before you remove the napkin hat.

Beers in Belize

Let’s start with Belikin beer. Our favored one the classic continental European lager style. Belikin is THE BEER in Belize. Walk up to a bar and ask for a beer, and this is what they’ll hand you. Belikin uses Canadian Pilsner malt in combination with a blend of German hops to create the perfect malt-hop balance for our flagship. Since December 13, 1971, the original recipe has called for a lengthy fermentation and lagering to allow the yeast to create its full conditioning. This full-bodied beer with a medium golden color is delightful at any time of the day.

Belikin Stout​

Belikin Stout takes second place after Belikin Beer, a rich black stout with a creamy, velvety head. This Stout has a bold, almost smoky mouth-feel, well balanced with a modest but pleasant bitterness. This voluptuous beer is made from Canadian malt, Belizean cane sugar, Caramel Coloring, and German Hops.

belikin beer on dock

Belikin Light

Belkin Light is to create a light, balanced flavor. As with our flagship Belikin, our process relies on lengthy fermentation and lagering resulting in a fully conditioned yeast. This pale golden lager is for the beer drinkers who prefer a light-bodied flavor. This is one of the Best Beers to drink in Belize

Lighthouse beers on a table in San Pedro, Belize


Lighthouse Lager is the youngest member of Belize Brewing’s beer family. It has a soft golden color with a more floral aroma. It is with the finest Canadian Pilsner malt and an expertly chosen combination of German hops that delivers its refined subtle aroma. Only the freshest yeast is for this delicate beer, slightly more dry but with a noble hop aroma and flavor. Crisp and refreshing, it can be enjoy any time of day. In terms of color, taste and alcohol content Lighthouse is lighter than the other existing beers in the portfolio.

Seasonal Beers in Belize

Chocolate Stout – Inspired by a traditional Maya recipe, Chocolate Stout is a creamy beer with a velvety chocolate finish. Find this in May.

Black and Tan – Black and Tan is a combination of a pale beer and a dark beer, with the pale ale poured first in a tall pint glass. Find this in October. 

Sorrel Stout – Introduced for the first time a few years ago, Sorrel Stout features a careful blend of German hops, specialty malts, and local sorrel. Find this in December.

Learn more about Belikin on their site.


Beer lovers can enjoy a variety of other brews in Belize, including:

Landshark – golden island-style lager brewed with subtle hop notes to keep it easy to drink and amazingly refreshing.  Best serviced with a  slice of lime.

Guiness – The Guinness Stout that is sold in Belize is a slightly different recipe than the European version of this beer. 

Red Stripe – The Jamaican classic in an iconic rounded bottle.

Heineken – One of the most popular beers in Europe, Heineken is a pale lager with a distinctly crisp finish.

Carib – This refreshing lager is from Trinidad and Tobago.

Dragon Stout – Brewed in Jamaica, Dragon Stout has a rich, velvety head with a lovely dark color obtained from barley

Prices on Beer in Belize

Belize beer prices $4-6 BZD ($2-3USD) seemed to be a pretty standard price for a beer, whether purchased from a bar or a store. In stores, beers were always sold in singles. Hard to come across a 6-pack or a case here. However, when you’re at the bars – just order your beers by the bucket!