Drift Inn Belize guest at airport transporation in Belize

Follow This Checklist Before Your Arrival to Belize


Please note all information below is from the period of 2020-2021 during the pandemic. Belize has no current regulations or requirements.

Visiting Belize Checklist

Belize Tourism Board Entry Requirements during Gold Standard Phase 3 for Belize

Please make sure you’ve completed this Belize checklist before leaving home. Given the environment we are in, traveling to Belize is a little more difficult. Following these requirements for visiting Belize will make for a smooth entry and stay in Belize. 

  1. Download the Belize Health App. You’ll need to locate this on the App store. This app is for health monitoring purposes while staying in the country.
  2. Fill out Drift Inn’s Guest Registration Form. This is for us to provide you a contactless check-in.
  3. Pay one time. Please sign the credit card authorization forms or request to pay through Paypal for your expenses while staying at Drift Inn. We will charge stays before arrival and for food/incidentals after the stay.
  4. Whatsapp Us. Please download Whatsapp if you do not already have it. This is how you’ll be able to stay in contact with reception for 24-hour customer service at the hotel. Contact Drift Inn Reception at +501 614-0088 to get connected.
  5. Free hotel pick-up/drop-off. Please respond to this e-mail or Whatsapp us with your travel plans. Which airlines? What time? Our staff will pick you up once you’re on the island and transport you to the hotel.
  6. Choose your adventures. Let us know what kind of tours you want to go on during your stay. Check out some options here. Book online or message us through e-mail or Whatsapp to get more information.
  7. Get Tested. You should get a negative COVID-19 test within 72-hours of entering Belize. Rapid tests are available upon arrival at your own expense, but earlier testing is better because if you test positive you will quarantine in Belize City.

Other Important Information

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