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The Best of Traditional Belizean Food

Belizean Food and Traditional Cuisine

When people think of Belize, the first things that usually comes to mind are the world-class dive sites, the pristine rainforests, the remnants of the vast Maya Empire dotting the landscape, and the warm friendly smiles of the Belizeans. But, we cannot overlook such an important thing as food. Our sustenance for life and reason for living. You must come to Belize to experience the Belizean food.

Belizean cuisine reflects the little country’s multicultural and colorful history. The list is too long for every great dish we have, but here are some top ones we love:

Rice and Beans-Drift Inn BElize

Rice and Beans

Rice and beans and stew chicken is our top favorite Belizean dish. It is a staple, our bread and butter if I may say. Belizean people from many different countries and the dish created by a Caribbean influences around. In Belize, the Rice Beans and Stew Chicken takes potato salad or coleslaw. If you are a fan of the coconut don’t make it hard on you this the right dish for you from Belizean food. note add some Marie sharp and ask for extra chicken gravy Indeed makes it juicier and spicy. 

Here a short Video how to prepare Belizean Rice and Beans 


These Belizean delicacies, filled with fish, red or black beans, or whatever the cook includes—Also known by outside Belize as empanadas, so if they look familiar, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Accompaniments might not look as familiar: Panades are usually with the onion, cabbage, and pepper salsa for a spicy finish.


Belizean food- Drift Inn Belize


Order it for lunch. Order it for dinner. These little fried tortillas topped with the shredded onion, cabbage, chicken, tomato, cheese, avocado, maybe jalapenos. If you want an extra kick – throw some Marie Sharp’s hot sauce on it. (If you haven’t heard of or tried Marie Sharps and you’re a hot sauce fan, you are in for a real treat!)



Chimole aka Relleno or black dinner is a leading dish in the north of Belize. This main course soup is cook with chicken, vegetables, and spices. The key ingredient in this soup is the black recado, which gives the soup its color.  You can find at any local market here in Belize if you wanna take some home because you loved it so much.


Sere / Hudut

This Garifuna cuisine classic, is absolutely delicious. Sere is the coconut fish stew and hudut is mashed green and ripe plantains. This fish soup owes its flavor to a blend of fried fish, coconut milk, plantain, and cassava. A representative of Garifuna cooking, which is a staple cooked on Garifuna Day. You can seek out Garifuna restaurants in San Pedro and around the country.

tamales- Drift Inn Belize

Belizean Tamales

 Belize tamales probably don’t taste like those you’ve eaten elsewhere. You won’t find corn husks wrapped around our savory ingredients! We use plantain leaves around here. And be careful when you bite, we leave the bone-in for our Belizean tamales.

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