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Cheap Local Food in San Pedro

Eat Cheap Local Food in San Pedro

(all near Drift Inn)

The best way to eat cheaply while in Belize is to eat local. When I think Belizean cuisine, I think rice and beans with stew chicken. Other things to try are meat pies at breakfast time, rice and beans at lunch, and burritos for dinner. There are many cheap local food options in San Pedro.

Let us take you on an adventure around local food in San Pedro! From Belizean Chinese take-out, to burrito food stands and carts, to little Deli’s, you can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner for as little as $10 US per day. All within walking distance from Drift Inn.

Find the map at the bottom of the article which provides more local food recommendations. If you’re interested in a nice dinner out or sea side lunch, check out our Tourist Map with more restaurant options.

Breakfast – Local food in San Pedro

Breakfast Chicken Tacos

There is a stipulation about Orange Walk (a town in Mainland Belize) having the best tacos in the country. So many taco stands sport that they are OW or Orange Walk tacos. The people rival about, would never dare eat from, and are faithful to one or another taco stand. It is a big deal here. I’ve listed the closest taco stand to Drift Inn Belize, located on the other side of Caye Mart and the one people make the biggest fuss about in San Pedro Neri’s Tacos. For me, tacos are tacos. If I’m hungry and I want tacos, I get the closest tacos.

These morning breakfast tacos are small soft corn tortillas with a fork full of chicken or pork in them. They’ll ask if you want onions or cabbage – I say cabbage. Then they’ll ask if you want pepper – I say no, I’ll add it myself.

Chicken Tacos: 3 for .50c US / $1 BZ

Pork Tacos: 2 for .50c US / $1 BZ

I suggest $5 if you’re sharing, $2-3 for an individual.

Celi’s Deli

Although it is not limited to, they are known for serving meat pies, fry jacks, andJohny cakes. Any of which I would say are a must-try! The Deli is open early (around 6:30 AM), so great to grab breakfast before going out on fishing boat trip. Meat pies are likely to sell out before 10 AM.

Meat pies are a great way to make friends with people. Buy a dozen and share with the guests and staff at Drift Inn.

Meat pies: .75c US ea / $1.25 BZ ea

Lunchtime – Local food in San Pedro

Be sure to arrive at lunch time. Local food in San Pedro (and the rest of Belize) the time frame for lunch is precise. The food is prepared and ready at 11:00 am and served until they run out. Seeing how great the food is, it is easy they may run out of what you want. All these locations happen to be on the same stretch of Middle street between Drift Inn Belize and the north Bridge.

Aba Isieni Arzu Kitchen

One of our favorite rice and beans joint. Items on the menu may be stewed, jerk, curry or fried: chicken, pork chop, fish served with rice and beans and a side salad. This can be eaten at the restaurant or for take-away. Their servings are large enough to snack on for two meals or share with a friend. Price is $4.00 US for a typical plate of rice and beans w/ stewed chicken.

Don’t forget to ask for juice! Watermelon and carrot are my go-to’s

“China Man”

Honestly, I am not even sure what this restaurant’s name is. I’ll update it once I figure it out. You can find a couple little stores that sell Chinese food down this road. This is one of my favorites. An order of Chow Mien or Fried Rice can cost around $4.00 US / $8.00 BZ. If you order chicken fingers or something else, be sure to try the Chinese ketchup.

Dinner – Local food in San Pedro

There are plenty of restaurant options for dinner. I’ll just highlight a few favorites. All locations where you can try a typical plate of rice and beans, but also have niche local food in San Pedro.

Pupusaria Salvadoreno

This is a small pink Salvadoran restaurant where you can find delicious Salvadoran pupusas. This traditional food is kind of like a filled tortilla, a typical filling being beans and cheese. You eat pupusas with your hands with a simple tomato salsa and and curtido (basically a coleslaw). The menu at Waruguma is extensive, so there are options for everyone.

Pupusas: $1.25 US ea / $2.50 BZ ea

Burritos: $6.00 US / $12.00 BZ

Briana’s Food Place

Briana’s Food Place is a great restaurant to try some cheap local dishes around the corner from Drift Inn on Back Street! Briana is a little small deli in the back streets of San pedro You could Find all belizean food here From rice and beans and stew chicken to empanadas they have good prices for food as for the drinks coke cost you $1.50 BZ which is good while a water is a regular $1.00 BZ.

Rice and Beans w/ Stew Chicken: $5.00 US / $10.00 BZ

Empanadas, Salbutes, Garnachas: 2 for .50c US / $1.00 BZ

Cheap Local Snacks in San Pedro

Last but not least, there are bakeries and fruit stands all over the place for you to grab quick snacks or make your own meals.

Izzy’s Smoothies

A guest favorite for morning smoothies. Prices vary from $4-6 US $8-12 BZ. Can also order lunch menu items. Open morning to mid afternoon.

Annie’s Pasteries

A local favorite. I can never seem to go when they are open, but they have chicken dip and chicken puffs which are great snacks. Typical hours are 1 pm to 7 pm.

Casa Pan Dulce

The bakery sells loaf bread, cakes, pastries, savory pizza snacks, and can be a very cheap way to eat local food in San Pedro. All day.

Just by glancing through this post you can see how Belizean cuisine has been influenced by the British Empire, its Latin American neighbors, and Taiwanese immigrants. Exploring the melting pot of Belize in the most authentic way begins with tasting typical foods eaten by locals.

This list was kept short on purpose, just to give a couple great suggestions for each meal. However, there are many delicious restaurants to visit on Ambergris Caye. Seek out your experience. Venture off the beach front. Take a walk down middle or back street. Find cheap hole-in-the-wall eateries. Eat local food in San Pedro.

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