Best Locations to Get COVID-19 Test in Belize

COVID-19 Test Options: PCR and Rapid Testing Centers.

If you are visiting Belize from another country, perhaps you need a COVID-19 test to re-enter your home country or travel to your next destination. In Belize, we have several testing centers to make this easy for you and your party. For Americans, the law went into place on January 26th, 2021 requiring everyone, including American citizens, to be tested before arrival. In order to adhere to the new regulations, get tested either the day of or the day before your trip back to the United States.

Similarly, if you are wanting to enter Belize you are required to bring a negative test or be tested upon arrival. In Belize, a 72 Hour PCR test or 47-hour Rapid COVID-19 Test are accepted.

Please use this list to determine which testing center for COVID-19 you need to visit during your trip to Belize.



Please note all information below is from the period of 2020-2021 during the pandemic. Belize has no current regulations or requirements.

COVID-19 Test in San Pedro, Belize

Is your vacation only in San Pedro? Or does it just end in Ambergris Caye? Regardless, there are two COVID-19 testing centers on Ambergris Caye. One is north of the bridge and the other is located at the San Pedro airport.

Our first option, located at the airport in San Pedro, is Caring Hands. They welcome walk-ins. However, they encourage you to have an appointment so there is no wait. The price is $150 BZD for a rapid COVID-19 tests.


Email: Telephone: +501 226-FAST

Our second option, the Belize Diagnostic Center, is located 2 miles north of San Pedro Town at the Grande Caribe Resort medical center. First, to make appointments you will need to call them to get tested between 7 am – 6 pm. They are open 7 days a week. Then, the cost for the rapid test is $150 BZD and you get your results within 30 minutes. Telephone:+501 613-TEST

Belize City COVID-19 Testing Centers

Next, if you need a COVID-19 test before your international travel from Belize City, review these options. Belize City has the most hospital and clinic options in the country. It is easy to find a spot to get COVID-19 tested in Belize City.

First, the Caring Hands Clinic at Maya Island Air Municipal Airport in Belize City. The price is $150 BZD for a rapid antigens COVID-19 test. Schedule your appointment beforehand to avoid a wait.

Email: Telephone: +501 672-2273

Next, BDC’s rapid testing service is CDC compliant. The Belize Diagnostic Center has the support and authorization of the Belize Ministry of Health and Wellness and the Belize Tourism Board.

Email: Telephone: +501 613-8378

Now, the BMA is a private clinic located on 5791 St. Thomas Street. They offers Covid-19 Rapid test for $250 and results are ready in 2 hours. If you want a PCR test, it takes between 6 – 10 hours to get the results. Their rapid tests are conducted from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm on weekdays. For Saturdays, you can go from 8:00 am – 1:30 pm. Then, if you need to, you can schedule appointments for Sundays at a higher cost. 

Email: Telephone: +501 223-0303

BHCP is located on the corner of Blue Marlin and Chancellor Avenue in Belize City. They are offering rapid tests for $150 BZD. If you want a test after-hours or on weekends, the tests are available $250 BZD. Standard testing is offered between 7 am – 3:30 pm. Results are available in 30-60 minutes, depending on volume of tests.

Email: Telephone: +501 223-7870

Belmopan Testing Centers

Then, there is Belmopan, the capital of Belize. If you’re traveling south, consider stopping in Belmopan to get get COVID-19 tested. The capital has two locations for your COVID-19 test.

The Belmopan Medical is located at Garbutt Creek Street, City of Belmopan. After-hours and weekend testing is available for $250 BZD.  Scheduled appointments for SARS-COV-2 testing are required.  The cost is $150 BZD, and results are available within 60 minutes. 

Email: Telephone: +501 674-7259

This lab accepts walk-ins or appointments from Monday to Friday from 8am-5pm. For $150 BZD, the rapid test results are available within 60 minutes.

Email: Telephone: +501 822-2379

Other COVID-19 Test Centers in Belize

Finally, if you’re in other areas of Belize, here are less options for where to get a COVID-19 Test in each destination. View the options below depending on where you’ll be staying. The Caring Hands Clinic (associated with Maya Island Air) has the most locations in the country.

Corozal Community Hospital is located at San Antonio Rd, Santa Rita, Corozal Town.

Email: Telephone: +501 422-3903

Email: Telephone:+501 822-2264 / +501 822-2263

The San Ignacio Hospital is located on Bullet Tree Road in San Ignacio Town.

Email: Telephone: +501 824-2167

Dangriga’s Maya Island Air and Tropic Air airport location. Book here.

This clinic is located at Jaguar Reef Lodge in Hopkins.

Book here.


Enjoy Your Trip

Before you arrive, I suggest you research your travel requirements. 

Next, once you have your itinerary and know where you’ll be in Belize you should schedule your COVID-19 test for the day before or day of travel. Please give yourself an hour or so before your flight if you’re doing it from a local airport. 

Then, enjoy your vacation knowing you have all your exit requirements taken care of and planned out!  

Finally, with several testing centers in Belize, you’re sure to find an affordable location when it is convenient for you and your party to get tested.

We thank you for traveling to Belize and hope you enjoy the country!

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  1. Marion McCarrick

    My husband and I need to get a rapid test before we leave to go back to the US on Sunday. We would like to get it on Friday. Where’s the best place to go in the San Ignacio area? Do we need an appointment? How much does it cost?

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