Belizean souvenirs like wood carvings and bowls

Support Locals by Buying Authentic Belizean Souvenirs

Authentically Belizean Souvenirs to Take Home

When you fall in love with a new area while traveling, pictures and souvenirs are the only way to hold onto your experience. Find a souvenir that does Belize justice, that represents either your experience or the authentic rawness of the country. Although mass produced keychains and generic branded t shirts are fine, delve deeper into Belize and our culture by taking home one of these souvenirs.

Belizean Hot Sauce Souvenirs

If you didn’t buy your own set of miniature Belizean hot sauce souvenir Marie Sharp bottles, did you even travel to Belize? The quality of Marie’s Sharp spicy sauce is incredible! You’ll understand why it’s regarded as one of the best hot pepper sauces in the world once you’ve tried it! For good cause, Belizean sauces are undoubtedly the most well-liked souvenir that visitors bring home. With a few drops on any meal, regardless of whether it’s from Marie Sharp’s or Gallon Jug’s Estate, you can’t go wrong.

Belizean Painting and Art Souvenirs

San Pedro as well has great talented painters in which you can visit and greet them. One of the most visited art galleries here in the island of San Pedro is the Belizean Melody Art gallery. San Pedro has many small boutique art galleries showcasing Belize’s local talent. You can find art, jewelry, and one-of-a-kind Belizean painting souvenirs to take home.

Happily, Belize is fortunate to have a large number of outstanding painters and Belizean artists living around the country. Any gallery   you visit will have Belizean canvas paintings souvenirs created by regional artists. Now, you can find a scene from Belize City, San Pedro Town, or our stunning Belize Barrier Reef. You can also seek out an artist to commission a painting of your personal experience or favorite scene in Belize.

Visit the Sidewalks Art Festivals in Placencia in February if you’re looking to see a lot of art from around the country at once. You’d even have the opportunity to talk to the artists directly. Artists from all across the nation set up their stalls and booths to sell their works of art.


Belizean Wood Carving and Jewelry Souvenirs

Not all artists in Belize are painters, you’ll find many wood carvers, jewelers, and handicraftsmen. There is certain to be a piece that will work great on top of your coffee table, useful in the kitchen, or hanging on your wall. Pieces range from huge, abstract works to finely detailed wood art depicting native animals. Imagine the timeless wooden bowls and cutting boards in your own kitchen. The most well-known carvings are made of slate or wood and incorporate Maya symbols, though they can also show animals in the Belizean rainforest or barrier reef. The most popular handcrafted jewelry are created using natural resources conch shells, wood, natural stone, and coral.

Belizean souvenirs like wood carvings and bowls

Belizean Chocolate Souvenir

Everybody enjoys chocolate, right? Taste or take home the taste of locally produced Belizean chocolate, making it a delicious gift. You can find a variety of flavors of locally produced chocolate bars at grocery stores and gift shops. There is also the Belize Chocolate Company (with a location in San Pedro) where you can get samples before buying. They also offer tours and workshops on making chocolate! Did you know that the ancient Maya often ate lots of chocolate? The thick and foamy Mayan chocolate was commonly blended with jalapeño peppers, honey, and water. Would you try it?

Visit Belize Chocolate Factory for Souvenirs

Mayan Baskets - Authentic Belizean Souvenirs

The Mayans, who have lived in the region for nearly 3,000 years, have a long-standing custom of weaving baskets. A handwoven Mayan basket will support regional craftspeople and bring a bit of authentic Belizean culture home. One of the numerous distinctive basket designs you may get in your neighborhood markets will add a wonderful touch to your home. Women in Belize have access to tabletop items, furniture, and apparel made from the Jippa Jappa palm in addition to baskets.

Belize Banana Fibers is an NGO focused on job creation that creates beautiful woven pieces. From placemats, to lamp shades, chairs, and baskets you can find something you like!

Hammocks - Excellent Belizean Souvenirs

On a windy day, relaxing in a hammock while sipping a nice beer or cocktail is a great idea. It is available in many different hues. Bring a hammock produced in Belize back home to use yourself. It might rekindle some enjoyable memories of Belize that you might want to share with family and friends. A hammock would make an excellent Belizean souvenir to bring back home.

Belize Souvenirs - Belikin Beer

A large number of tourists enjoy Belikin Beer. It is our national beer and a great gift for beer enthusiasts. If you have that special drinking companion back home, a Belizean Belikin beer memento can be the perfect gift and anything from branded T-shirts to tote bags, glasses, and koozies. A branded memento serves as a transportable and practical reminder of your amazing trip, not to mention a fantastic conversation starter with the best Belizean souvenir – a beer (given you have a checked bag). 

Rescue a Pet

If you fell in love with a potlicka (term of endearment for local dogs) or a local cat, you can adopt and take one home! Contact SAGA in San Pedro where they can help with paperwork and transportation plans to take your new family member home.

Other Belizean Souvenir Ideas

Hope you enjoyed our list of ideas – let us know what else you’ve taken home in the comments!

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