What to Expect in San Pedro

So you wanna know what to expect in San Pedro?

Read this blog below to find out what you’ll see and experience once you land. 

*July 2020 Update: Please note many of these activities may not be currently permitted under Belize Regulations concerning COVID-19.

What to Expect – San Pedro Community/People 

San Pedro Town is on the tiny island Ambergris Caye located in beautiful Belize, Central America. Our island is 1 mile wide and 30 miles long, with most of it undeveloped.

Even though it is so small, our island is recognized worldwide. San Pedro is known for many great things. Our community has a diverse culture where everybody is willing to extend help to anyone and welcomes tourists with open arms. You can make friends easily in this country and feel like family in no time at all. We all welcome everyone as family.

San Pedranos holding hands by the beach

What to do in San Pedro – Snorkeling / Diving   

The Belize Barrier Reef is a part of the second largest reef system in the world. An absolute must-do when you make it down here is to explore the Meso-American Barrier Reef! Go dive or snorkel in San Pedro. The reef is only a half mile away and you’ll get to see the beautiful colors of our corals. Expect your snorkel trips to cost around $65 USD for a half day to Hol-Chan. Check out our adventures and tours page.

Drift inn guest snorkeling at Hol Chan Marine Reserve at San Pedro Belize

Drift Inn guest snorkeling at Shark ray Alley Marine reserve at San Pedro Belize


Currency in San Pedro Belize 

The Belize Dollar is $2.00 BZD to $1.00 USD. In shops and businesses, you can use USD and BZD everywhere. This is convenient when it comes to entering the country with cash from the United States. However, you’ll need to count your change and think twice when paying while using two currencies. It is simple math, but even those of us who have lived here for years still get twisted counting out change. Businesses often have a $20 BZD minimum for card transactions. Pay everyone in USD and they’ll love you.

What to Expect – Transportation in San Pedro

In San Pedro, you will need to rent a golf cart for at least a day. Our main mode of transportation for the island are little Club Golf Carts, great for getting around the island quickly. Most places you’ll want to go you won’t need transportation from Drift Inn hotel and hostel. There are also taxis which cost $5 BZD for rides within town and up to $30 BZD for South or over the bridge drop offs. You can book your hotel with your accommodations here for our special rate with Sam’s Golfcart Rental.

Drift Inn Owner sitting in the golf cart

Drift inn guest partying in golf cart

Beaches in San Pedro

San Pedro also has beautiful beaches to offer. You can find both the beach side and the lagoon side great for swimming most of the year. Right down Boca Del Rio from Drift Inn you can get in the water at the Boca Del Rio Beach. This is not the best one, but is an up and coming spot! Then there’s Sandbar dock and Palapa Bar, both 100 ft from Drift Inn where you can get in the water from the docks. The best beach is called “not so” Secret Beach, which is located 6 miles North from town. It has beautiful white sandy beaches and clear crystal water. Visit one of its many bars and restaurants where you could enjoy drinks and snack on wings, ceviche, or rice and beans.

one of the best beach Secret Beach located at San Pedro Belize

Girl with coconut at Secret Beach in San Pedro Belize

 What to Expect in San Pedro – Belizean Cuisine

Belizean cuisine in San Pedro is namely rice and beans with stew chicken. Other things to try are meat pies at breakfast time and Belizean ceviche for dinner. Check out this article on where to eat! Street food and cheaper food vendors are time oriented! You won’t be able to eat outside of normal hours. Breakfast is over by 11 am, lunch is normally sold out before 2, and food at the park doesn’t start till around 5 pm. Those options are in the range of $1 – $6 USD. Find some of our favorite cheap eats here. Beach bars and restaurants serve food all day, but are often much more expensive. Beachfront restaurants are typically $10 – $25 USD for meals. Expect beers to be $3 USD.