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Learn How To Speak Belizean Kriol / Creole with Locals

Introduction to Kriol

Belizean Kriol (Creole) is a beautiful language to listen to, practice, and try to make sense of. The language of  Kriol is influenced by English, Miskito and Mayan Native American languages, as well as West African and Bantu languages.  learn More about the different Languages in Belize 

Let us introduce you to some phrases that you can use when you’re on your vacation. Throw out a “Cho!” during a conversation with locals and see the delight in them hearing your Kriol.

How Belizean Kriol Sounds

First, to get the accent and rhythm of the language check out this silly video. (This Youtube channel is quite funny!)

Typical Kriol Phrases




Gyal / Bwoi

Girl / Boy

Les go da ______

Lets go to ______.

Pull up!

Come here (Let’s meet up).


WTF! / Oh my! / exclamation of annoyance or impatience.

Weh ye deh?

Where are you at?

Yuh hungry? Make we eat someweh.

Are you hungry? Let’s go to eat somewhere.

You got whites?

Do you have cigarettes?

 gwen swim ina salt wata.

are going to swim in the salt water.

We done de reach.

We just reached the location.

Right now.

Sometime in the near future. (Does not mean right now.)

Get it done one time.

 To do something right now and to do it correctly and completely.



Make I try again.

Let me try again.

Ah deh tell you.

 I’m telling you.

Fu tru.

 Believe me.

Nice / Rich


Yu di chaans mi.

To take advantage of.

English / Belizean Kriol Dictionary

Here is a PDF English/Kriol Dictionary by the Ministry of Education. It is extensive, so you can find any Belizean Kriol word you may be looking for.

Kriol – Inglish dikshineri = English – Kriol dictionary (sil.org)