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Map of the Best Spots in San Pedro

Best Spots to Explore San Pedro Belize
with a Tourist Map

Explore San Pedro with this Drift Inn crafted, excellent map which highlight some of the best restaurants in San Pedro, activities and things to do in San Pedro, as well as where to find transportation and trusted tour companies on Ambergris Caye.

Save this map to your phone so you won’t be lost in our home town of San Pedro, Belize!

Best Spots to Eat in San Pedro

Around the island there are countless options on where to eat food. If you look at our list, we basically narrow it down to 10 restaurants and 10 bars and a few places to get snacks.

The Map Restaurant and Bar locations spans from local street foods, like Celi’s Deli, Aba Isieni Arzu Kitchen, and Briana’s Food Place that’ll cost you $4 US / $8 BZ. To dine-in restaurants where you’re looking more at $20 US / $40 BZ for a plate. These restaurants include Caramba Restaurant & Bar, Estel’s Dine By The Sea, and Croc’s Sunset Sports Bar. If you’re specifically looking for cheaper, local food – check out this link.

Best Spots for Nightlife in San Pedro

If you’re looking to wil’ out while on vacation in San Pedro Belize. You can do it any night of the week, however the best place to go depends on the night! Check out our list on where to go each night of the week.


For an early evening or sunset spot – we suggest Sunset Lounge (open Wed-Sun), Truck Stop, or Crocs. Also, Boca Del Rio bars are great for pre-gaming and potentially closing down at midnight before heading to a night club. Our favorites are Wayo’s and Sandbar. There’s also Sandy Toes and Playa. If one isn’t full, check the others around. Our list includes a classic late night club in the park, Jaguar’s Night Club, and a newcomer, Enigma Night Life. 

Best Spots for Activities in San Pedro

There are many tour operators and shops listed for if you want to go snorkel, dive, parasailing, fishing, or such. Check out the tours we offer as well.

Now, If you aren’t interested in diving or snorkeling, there are other activities on the island. Take for example, a spa treatment at Massage By The Reef Day Spa, do yoga at Ak’Bol Yoga Retreat, or take the time to get a destination tattoo at Belizean Ink.

But, if you have kids, consider taking them to Caribbean Villas or Truck Stop for games and kid friendly activities.

Explore the map by topic, click the companies for more information and notes we have included about them.

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