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20% of proceeds from Gift Cards sold will be distributed to Hope Haven NGO to support their food programsThis organization has worked long hours and coordinated with businesses and groups all over the island to provide groceries to over 500 families.

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 Belize During COVID-19

At Drift Inn, we understand that travel is important, and a special thing to be able to do. How could we have imagined all of the curve balls that 2020 was going to throw us? Our community in San Pedro was hit hard, and while we’re still scrambling to pick up the pieces, we’re ready for you to come down here and visit. We’re Gold Standard Certified and have safe, clean accommodations so you can enjoy your stay in a healthy environment.

San Pedro has a unique quality… we are a tourism-based island, but what is so compelling about us is that as soon as you land here, the first thing you’ll hear out of anyone’s mouth are the words, ‘Welcome Home.’ and that’s not just a trivial statement. It’s how our community feels about everyone who chooses to embark upon adventures down here. We may be based on tourism, but you’ll never feel like a tourist here. You’ll be welcomed and made to feel at home. As you sip on an ice cold beer at a local beach bar, cruise the turquoise waters to Caye Caulker and back, and let your hair down while you wind your waist to our Caribbean Soca beats.

It’s been over six months since our borders closed. When we entered our first lock down, we were only two months into our high-season. Our hotels, tour guides, and everyone else in the tourist industry: hotel staff, boutiques, gift shops, restaurants—from the servers and bartenders, to the barbacks and the cooks and the dishwashers, were just beginning to earn income that would, hopefully, last them through the following slow season. Unfortunately, not only would that not happen, we suddenly didn’t have income that would last us to the end of the week, or day for that matter.

On the Island

Most people in San Pedro not only lack monetary savings, they live day to day. Every day hoping for the next tour, the next tip, or the next day’s meager wage. It’s a hand to fist survival game, dependent upon all we have to offer our visitors.

Volunteers from local organizations, like Hope Haven, gathered to put together pantry bags with rice, flour, beans, and oil, so that families could have basic provisions. We came together to support one another, and offer hope to one another that when we have visitors again, we will thrive.

It’s quiet down here right now. When you walk down the cobblestone streets, you’ll see lines of masked people waiting patiently outside a local market to pick up their weekly food pantry. Fishermen go door to door asking if anyone would like to buy something they caught that day. Almost every corner has someone with a cooler, trying to sell fresh watermelon juice, or coconut water. People here are doing everything they can think of to make ends meet while we await our airports to open. So that we can welcome you home. And sip on ice cold beer with you at a local beach bar, cruise through the turquoise waters together, and dance all night to our favorite Soca beats.

Drift Inn Gift Cards

At Drift Inn, we’re offering gift cards that will not only secure your next adventure to Belize, whenever you choose to redeem it, but will support our community here because 20 percent of every gift card sold, will go to support Hope Haven. Who continue to help provide food for the beautiful people on this island… and we at Drift Inn, cannot wait to see you and say, ‘Welcome Home.’

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If you have visited San Pedro before, you know how lively of a community it is. How friendly Belizeans are, and how once you’re here – you are a part of the family.
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