The Best Beaches on Ambergris Caye

Best Beaches on Ambergris Caye

 Wonder where the best beaches can be found in San Pedro and around Ambergris Caye? Look no further.
Our team has compiled great beach options for you to visit during your trip!

Ambergris Caye is known for its friendly people and warm climate. Anywhere you go in Belize, we are sure you’ll enjoy. But, let us give you a few recommendations anyways to ensure you have a great tropical vacation.

Table of Contents

North of the Bridge


Secret Beach

Six miles north of Ambergris Caye, you can locate one of the best beaches that is visited by thousands of locals and international travelers every year. The Not-So-Secret beach is a fun destination where there are several popular restaurants and beach bars. The best part is that you could enjoy some sun and nice cold drinks and eat while at a table in the water.

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Tranquility Bay Beach

If you are wanting some quiet time and a relaxing atmosphere, tranquility bay is the perfect beach for that also the reef is so close that you can easily kayak out. This place is  far north, so the likelihood of meeting other people on the beach is slim. You can take a golf cart, but expect to drive over an hour. Arriving to this beach by boat is a nicer option, contact us about planning a boat trip to Northern Ambergris Caye.


The Sandbar (near Secret Beach)

Just a few minutes away from the marvellous secret beach there is the Sandbar is this amazing turquoise shallow water where you could set out your table right in the middle of the water and play some games. To get there you will need to go by boat ride as there is no open road to that area. Book a tour to Secret Beach with Drift Inn and you’ll get to see it!

Beaches in San Pedro Town

Boca del Rio Beachfront

The Boca del Rio beach is mostly where many locals gather every weekend. It is a really nice place to be with your family and friends. This beach on the weekends is packed with golf carts not only because it’s beautiful to swim and take some sun but right in the park there is a basketball court and small area for beach soccer. So many locals come and play football and compete.


Central Park

One of the best things on the island is our central park. The beach is nice and next to the water taxi, you can watch local children play in the playground and get street food from vendors. The beach along central park is nice and sandy and well-kept. You can walk right in and wade out into the Caribbean Sea at your arrival to the island.

Another great aspect to the Central Park location is getting a picture with the sign. To see other locations for great photos in San Pedro click here!

Ramon's Village

Just a mile from the central park is located one of the best resorts of the island Ramon’s Village is a private resort but their white sandy beach is open widely for the public they even have a dock where your kids could swim from.

South of San Pedro


South Beach

If you are headed to Jyoto for sushi or Someplace South for dinner, make a stop by South Beach. This restaurant/bar/beach front has a great ambiance and nice cool water to get into. We’ve never seen it crowded, so it is kind of a hidden gem south of town. You can soak in the sun, or stay under the bars rooftop to avoid the sun!

Beach, Please Enjoy Your Stay

The selected beach front areas are destinations that are either easy to reach or worth the effort to get to. Although the beaches on Ambergris Caye is not what we are known for, we have some worth visiting! The island is better known for the Belize Barrier Reef with world-class diving, snorkeling, and fishing! Explore all of Ambergris Caye and what San Pedro has to offer. We hope you enjoy the island!

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