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8 Best Things to Do in Belize: Make the Most of Your Belize Vacation

Top 8 best things to do in Belize

Belize is just a masterpiece of God that is created with so much love, Although Belize is a small country, it is packed full of exciting adventure destinations. The land is full attractions that is so worth it to come and see! All visitors before coming to Belize they want to know what is all this beauty is talking about. Will you the various primary activities or adventures you could while in the mainland here are the Top 8 best things to do in Belize.

Cave Tubing

The cave tubing is one of the top sectors in the tourism industry this fun activity to do while in your vacay to Belize. The cave tubing takes to seeing great things like the majestic Maya underworld where you will discover stunning stalactites and stalagmites for. Nations, where you will tube along for 100 feet to the entrance of the cave system. Cave Tubing has become Belize’s most popular adventure trip. This great place is located The Mopan River which makes its way down and through western Belize to the Main River. This leads to the sea is a relaxed undulating stream. That makes its way through Benque Viejo, Bullet tree Falls. And pristine uninhabited rainforest that makes for some great Belize Cave Tubing. Drift Inn could help you book this tour which is everybody favorite which make it to top in the 8 best things to do in Belize.

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Zip lining

If you want to let go and do something out of your comfort zone, this is the right spot for you, Ziplining. Although ziplining is an adrenaline-packed adventure experience. It is also an extremely safe one. The Ziplining is in close proximity to the Caves Branch Park. It, therefore, allows you to enjoy two different tours in one day. You can do Cave tubing and Zip lining at this location. Ziplining is an exhilarating experience and has become a popular attraction

Hailey Ziplining

Maya Ruins

Are you a culture you will surely love the maya ruins of belize . The mayan pyramids are located all over the country. Each one of them has different stories and discoveries. there are beautiful stones that will grab your attention as you see them is really great place to go on family day .This is small blog about the top Maya ruins in Belize

Hailey Maya Ruins- Drift Inn Belize

Horse back Riding

This have to in the top 8 best things to do in Belize. Is Horseback ride on open farmlands or lush jungle trails and enjoy picturesque views of the surrounding countryside. You will also see marvellous Belizean wildlife in its natural habitat. If you love horseback riding then this is a must do tour for you!

horse back riding-Drift Inn Belize

The Belize zoo

The Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center is located some 29 miles (47 km) west of Belize city.The Belize Zoo was initially intended for animals which were injured or donated to the facility and could not be returned to the wild. Fees to enter are from $5.00 USD to $10 USD ,this is a great adventure for you and your family to enjoy the wildlife of Belize.

Road Trip

If you are in Belize city and you want to take an adventure down all Belize. The best thing to do is take on a road trip were you could mostly stops to all this great tourist spots .Best recommendation to take down the south side. Going down to punta gorda as one of the mind attractions are situated like the St.Herman’s Blue hole .

Road Trip down South

St.herman's Blue Hole

There are two blue holes in Belize, the main blue hole located in the salty water of Belize. And is mostly recognized as the Great Blue Hole. Herman’s Blue Hole National Park is a national park. Located just off the Hummingbird Highway in Cayo District of Belize. Near Belmopan, the capital city an ideal recreational spot for swimming picking is an abundance of wildlife. Along the marked trails in the park and variety of birds have been recorded even spotting of big animals like the jaguar and ocelot.

St.Herman Blue Hole

Snorkel and Diving

 San Pedro where you could take a snorkel and visit beautiful Marine reserves like HolChan where you will enjoy so the pristine coral gardens. And swim countless marine wildlife. This huge barrier reef stretches the length of Belize’s coastline. It provides ample opportunities for divers to explore. If you choose to dive with diving centers located in Belize City and the Cayes. They specialize in diving within the deep coral canyons. Which have been created by the. phenomenal Elkhorn, Staghorn, and Brain corals? When diving the Barrier Reef, most divers start in the shallows and descend around 30 meters. The best is the blue hole we could help you on booking your diving tour with us. Also apart there many other spot in the Island where you could snorkel you could read more here about this cool spots.

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