Drift Inn to Top Bars in San Pedro, Belize

Top Bars in San Pedro

Top Bars in San Pedro

This is the Top bars in San Pedro Belize. Ambergris Caye is the most typically visited vacation destination in Belize and one of the most popular in the world. People visit from all over the globe. Bar hopping is something you will desire to experience when you come down to Belize. Active nightlife in San Pedro is the best thing you approach to encounter new people and also attempt out every bar favorite drink. All bordered by beautiful Caribbean beaches, and cater for every tourist taste. The following is a list of the best places in the area to relax with a margarita or Belize your favourite beer Belikin’.

Truck Stop

Best way our Drift Inn guests enjoy  with the family, this is the right place to spend the evening located one mile up north. They have great events like family feud, movie night and other different to start out a fantastic night.

Truck stop Upnorth


That view bar you want to get a pleasant breeze and get to sit right over the water. At this place, we will typically contact new friends that have mixed with all tourists and locals enjoying great nights. Wayo’s favourite represent their live music and their Sunday game.

Wayos in San Pedro

Sandy Toes

The lookout of a pleasant and funny staff you are in the exact place. This is the more friendly family bar because their speciality will be ceviche. Their location at the beachfront is an ideal spot to swim. They have beach chairs out for the customers. Their prices are reasonable.

Crocs sunset sports bar

Let’s say this is the finest sports bar in town always our Drift Inn Guest will drive to this awesome place. This Bar is the best hit when sunset is coming down the view is amazing. Less a mile up north, the bridge is a great spot for sporting events, and they have mixed drinks you want to try out. Also, their prices are super reasonable, a beer causing $5.00.

Crocs Sunset Bar-Drift Inn Belize

Sand Bar

Sandbar is located Is right in front Drift Inn with the best pizza in town also they have so you could order online from wherever you are staying and free to deliver. Having good local prices, you will mostly find a mix of locals and tourists. Sandbar is always packed up as the second floor is a hostler where many people around the world come in. Order online here.

SandBar in San Pedro

Sunset Lounge

The best bar with lounge area is a terrace bar with a beautiful building InDesign they produce great music with great DJs from town. Best drink to enjoy there’s mojito is super good. On holidays or special occasions, you get a chance of getting an extension.


Sunset lounge Bar in San Pedro

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